Hi! My name is Ashley Meyer. I’m 27 years young and married to my dream man. I have a son and he is almost 3 years old! I LOVE my little family.  I have over 10 years of photography under my belt. My major is graphic design & marketing at the University of San Bernardino, CA. I’ve also taken several photography & Adobe Photoshop classes. I am a master at editing! I can do just about anything and still make it look realistic! I am all about costumer service. I want my clients to ALWAYS be 100% happy with my work and I take pride in that. I always have fair pricing and I don’t try to up sell my clients. I am honest from the start and I am confident that you will love your photos & your photographer 🙂  

   I specialize mostly in Wedding Photography but I also have experience in Engagement, Family, Portraits, corporate, & newborn. Currently I photograph outdoors because I believe that natural lighting is best. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for pricing! I will have an updated price sheet up soon! 


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