Ok, so this is my 3rd boudoir shoot and I think I’ve nailed it! Boudoir is a “sexy” style photo, if you will, that shows a woman’s natural beauty. I used natural light with a window and also one studio light to create that gradient lighting on the dark grey backdrop. Boudoir is not trashy, not pornographic at all. Photographs that compliment each woman individually. There are many style options, including hollywood glamour, pin up, high fashion, sweetheart, rock n roll, etc. Women get boudoir photos done for many reasons. Sometimes as a gift to a future husband, gift to boyfriend or (best of all) gift to self. The gift of confidence and the gift to feel alive! Breakups, divorce, 30th birthday, whatever occasion, these photos will surprise you on every level and boost your confidence. I know, it sounds scary. Taking photos under a light with hardly anything on? With a stranger? Rest assured, I’m the most non-judgemental person. I’ve been fat and skinny, uncomfortable and confident, I’ve been there. I don’t judge!!! I’m here to help you look your best and trust me, you will LOVE the results! You know there’s a little voice inside saying “do it! try it! it’s kinda out of your comfort zone, but ehhh, why not?’. People jump out of airplanes to feel a rush and I think this is a whole lot more fun than that 🙂

DSC_5316 DSC_5323 DSC_5331 DSC_5332 DSC_5373

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