The Studio

WOW, it’s been a long time since I’ve written in the blog! (One year and 8 months to be exact!) But I promise that I’m back and I won’t ever leave you again! The biggest post of the year perhaps would be the opening of the Picture Perfect Studio…YES, studio. I still can’t believe it. Love shooting outdoors, the light is always perfect (sunset or rise) and images are always vibrant and appealing but then what if you had total control of the light? I always thought it would be too hard. Every time I would try it at my home, it was difficult and I never got the “Look” that I wanted. The look is that fashion magazine look. That fancy professional, blank background, focusing only on the person portrait. Now that I have the proper space and equpitment, it is possible and I’m loving it.

First of all, Arizona is blazing hot during the summer. I can talk my clients into shooting outside but then we are all miserable. With sweat running down my forehead and dressed “professionally” from head to toe, it is not a pleasant experience for anyone. Clients feel uncomfortable too. After I found the place, I did say I would ONLY sign the lease if they installed an AC unit in the garage portion of the property. I feel that the industrial, garage setting is not only cool in an artistic way, but opening the garage doors, allows for natural light use still.




Boudoir, a new chapter…

Ok, so this is my 3rd boudoir shoot and I think I’ve nailed it! Boudoir is a “sexy” style photo, if you will, that shows a woman’s natural beauty. I used natural light with a window and also one studio light to create that gradient lighting on the dark grey backdrop. Boudoir is not trashy, not pornographic at all. Photographs that compliment each woman individually. There are many style options, including hollywood glamour, pin up, high fashion, sweetheart, rock n roll, etc. Women get boudoir photos done for many reasons. Sometimes as a gift to a future husband, gift to boyfriend or (best of all) gift to self. The gift of confidence and the gift to feel alive! Breakups, divorce, 30th birthday, whatever occasion, these photos will surprise you on every level and boost your confidence. I know, it sounds scary. Taking photos under a light with hardly anything on? With a stranger? Rest assured, I’m the most non-judgemental person. I’ve been fat and skinny, uncomfortable and confident, I’ve been there. I don’t judge!!! I’m here to help you look your best and trust me, you will LOVE the results! You know there’s a little voice inside saying “do it! try it! it’s kinda out of your comfort zone, but ehhh, why not?’. People jump out of airplanes to feel a rush and I think this is a whole lot more fun than that 🙂

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Holiday Photos 2013

I was so busy during the holidays this year. In a good way. We were booked every weekend with Family Holiday Photo shoots! That’s why I’m posting this so late! I’m SO SO SO happy with the way they turned out. With Kristi’s help in Arizona and my new assistant Ashlea’s help in California, we were unstoppable!

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DSC_4464 DSC_4377 DSC_4350 DSC_4276 DSC_4154 DSC_4101


DSC_4658 copy

Montanna and Kevin




Montanna & Kevin

Kristi & I had the pleasure of photographing an amazing couple Montanna & Kevin 2 weeks ago in Cave Creek, AZ. The rustic & western colorful buildings were perfect paired with the Arizona sunset. We can’t wait for the big day this coming April!